Insight Into My Life

Who Am I?

– My name is Jenna Mappin.

– I am pursuing my associates degree at Georgia Highlands College.

– My current major is Psychology.

– I am hoping to transfer to Emory College after receiving my associates degree, and I will then major in Neuroscience and Foreign Affairs.

– My main area of interest in Psychology is Schizophrenia and other degenerative mental illnesses. 

What Do I Seek?

– I seek knowledge and the understanding of that knowledge.

– I seek to better understand myself so that I can be successful in the area that I pursue.

– I seek control over myself and myself only. 

What Do I Want?

– I want to reach out to people and to help them overcome their struggles in life and be at peace with their shadow.

– I want to encourage people to be their own person and to not be afraid of judgment.

– I want to encourage people to be comfortable with who they are.

-I want to help people realize that they should not put limitations on themselves because they are different or have been told that they will never be able to do something.

I know that this might take quite a lot to accomplish and that people can only be helped if they allow it, but I also know anyone can become their best whether it be a few things to overcome or a lot to overcome.


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