My Plans for My Future

At the moment, I haven’t really been able to do that much. I am going to school currently, but on the days that I don’t have school I just sit at home and do nothing. I desperately need a job and I’ve applied to a few, but have not heard anything back from them. I really wish that I could begin making some money soon because I would really like to go shopping for new clothes and electronics (I love electronics!). Money unfortunately seems to make the world go round. 


Also, this semester I was not able to take any Psychology classes which is a bummer. They were all taken! Since I was new to the college I got to register last, along with the other new people. Hopefully I’ll be able to register for a Psychology class or two for the fall semester. I’m taking off summer semester so that I might be able to get a summer job and finally be able to make some money! Hopefully that goes well, of course with my current luck, I might not have the opportunity. Oh well, it’s probably best that I keep an open mind! Otherwise I definitely won’t get a job. 


I haven’t started on my book yet, as I’m trying to come up with some ideas for starting it. I probably need to brainstorm and maybe that will help me start it. Brainstorming is always fun!  Maybe my fiancé will help me come up with a few ideas, unless anybody else has any ideas. I really need to write in order to fill up my abundant free time. Too much free time is never good! Although, on occasion it is good. A person should never overload themselves with things to do. That has a high possibility to cause stress, and for me stress is never a good thing. I have high anxiety issues. 


Lately, I’ve had a few bad things happen, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to pull myself up to where I was before they happened. Usually I’m negative, but I can’t be any longer. That certainly isn’t getting me anywhere. Trust me, I know. 


I also need to make new friends. I’m sick of living a solitary life. It just isn’t good for the social animals that us humans are. Being unsocial can lead to many things, including Depression, which I deal with a lot unfortunately. A couple of weeks ago I had been so depressed that I barely went to school and was withdrawing from the few friends I have and fiancé. I would barely have the energy to talk about anything and that is very unlike me. Usually I have so many new ideas and interesting things to talk about.



Of course! You must keep calm and study Psychology! I love this picture!

Well, this has been a longer post than those that I have written as of lately, but I just wanted to update a few things, and I also love to write! If you couldn’t tell already. Anyways, I think it’s time to have this post come to a close. I will probably, and hopefully, write later on this week. Maybe I will have brainstormed and started writing my book. I’ll keep you guys updated on my book and brainstorming!  


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