A New Life!

Well, a lot has changed since my last post. My fiancé and I finally moved into our apartment. Lately, we’ve been furnishing our new apartment and because my birthday is coming up in 9 days my fiancé’s brother and his brother’s wife are going to buy us a few things for the apartment. Today, my dad went with us to Ikea and bought us a sofa and tv unit for our housewarming gift. I can’t appreciate the people in our lives enough. Our move couldn’t have gone any better. Luckily, we weren’t the only one’s moving our stuff. My mom and my fiancé’s brother and his brother’s wife helped us move all of our stuff into our upstairs apartment. I was thinking that something would go bad because it seems like bad things happen whenever something exciting and big happens. For once, everything seemed to happen almost perfectly.

Living in my mom’s house, being 20, and my fiancé living with us made everything very stressful. I know that 20 isn’t a late age to move out, but it was definitely needed. Everything is so much better, and me and my mom have more of the friendship that we used to have ever since I moved out.

Before our move into the apartment I nearly always in a depressive mood. Ever since we’ve moved out, I have only had one depressive episode, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was before. This move has made me feel liberated from a lot and I am tons happier. It was just time for me to move out.



-A reminder to myself that there is always happy among the sad.


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