Don’t Give Up

Today has been an eye-opening experience for me. I was stumbling literally about 5 minutes ago, and I stumbled across a video of a boy diagnosed with Leukemia. He was 11 years old and even though he knew that he would die he didn’t give up. When asked what makes him sad, he responds by saying when people give up. It’s easy to be in his situation and give up. It’s amazing that n 11 year old feels this way. Over the past years I have felt like giving up countless times because life is not easy. Of course life isn’t easy, and if it were easy, it would not be enjoyable when you accomplish something. This young boy said that until he die he was going to continue living a happy life. Sometimes we need to remember who we are and what we can be. Giving up is the easy route, but continuing no matter how difficult is the more fulfilling route even though it might be harder.

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